The waterways of the Connoquenessing and Slippery Rock Creeks and the surrounding land provide habitat for a great variety of plants and wildlife, some of which are endangered.  We an protect the watersheds' unique ecological features with active public education, through voluntary agreements with landowners, and by working cooperatively with both public and private partnerships.

Watershed Management

Each year and with increasing frequency, local flooding is becoming a major problem.  The question isn't if the Connoquenessing and Slippery Rock Creeks will overflow.  The question is when.  No single country or municipality can address this problem alone.  The path of the creeks defines who our partners must be, and we must work together to be more effective with flood control.

Recreation Opportunities

Some of the most scenic spaces in Western Pennsylvania can be found in and around the Connoquenessing and Slippery Rock Creeks.  Recreational opportunities for such activities such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, bird watching or picnicking abound not only for residents, but for visitors as well.  The unparalleled beauty and quality of these watersheds provide tremendous potential for these activities.

Our waterways and their surrounding lands provide vital habitat for wildlife and include some of Western Pennsylvania's most scenic open space.  The Wild Waterways Conservancy seeks to work cooperatively with both private and public partners to preserve the watersheds' unique ecological features. 

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